Under-Cabinet Lights

Cabinet Lighting Solutions

An alternate option to inside cabinet downlights is under cabinet lighting. Häfele offers a wide range of lighting solutions that are designed to fit places like under low cabinets, high-up shelving units or above the cooking area. They’re a brilliant way to complete the look of your interiors and add atmosphere, functionality and style to your furniture. Available in a host of designs, shapes and colours to choose from, this type of lighting adds the much required dimension and mood to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. Häfele’s range of under cabinet lights comes with an installation option of either recessed or surface mounted and two colour options: Warm White and Cool White. It can be further segregated into the following:

  • Square Under Cabinet Lights-For those who like the clean lines and sharp angles, a square spot light gives a fantastic minimalist look.
  • Round Under Cabinet Lights –Soften the look of your décor with circular lighting in chrome or stainless steel.
  • Triangular Under Cabinet Lights –Make a statement with triangular shaped lights under your wall cabinets to lighten up your work surfaces.
  • Master and Slave Under Cabinet Lights –Control the synchronized power and dimming functioning of one or more of these under cabinet lights with their master version.
  • Slidable/Bar Under Cabinet Lights –Designed with modularity in concept, these bars can be easily slid to illuminate the spots as per your utility.Click Here