Bathroom Lighting

When it comes to your bathroom, it’s a matter of personal taste and comfort. This is the only place in your home where you wash off the hard worries of your day; the place where you are you. Bathroom lighting has to be special - while it should assist you in your daily activities like shaving, washing and cleaning, it should also create an environment of spa-like recreation where you can unwind. The right bathroom lighting is really only a reflection of your inner peace and tranquility.

1. Inside Cabinet lights: Keep your daily essentials in your bathroom cabinet and forget about the tiresome task of finding them. Attractive inside cabinet lighting solves your daily hassles and yet creates an aesthetic effect in your bathroom.

  • Minimalistic designs create great aesthetics
  • Equipped with in-built sensor to help you in daily operations

2. Mirror Light: Your mirror should reflect every detail of who you are. Mirror strip lights enable you to perform your daily washing chores and add a fantastic touch of visual appeal to your bathroom.

  • The strip lights are water and ingress protected; no need to worry about moisture and water splash hazards.
  • Choose from an array of colours to suit your needs and bathroom décor.

3. Recessed mounted cabinet downlights: Recessed mounted cabinet downlights add the element of individualistic style in your bathroom. They come with multi-faceted functionalities of mirror or task lighting along with the much desired accentuation of everything that’s luxurious in your bathroom

  • The recessed lights are ingress protected; leave behind the worries of water splash hazards
  • Several options in light colours to choose from that suit your personal style.Click Here