Decorative Shelf Lights

Decorative Shelf LightsDecorative lights add the much needed zing and drama to enhance your furniture and design objects. They add a dimension of style and aesthetics to match the individualist grace of your homes.

Shelves, in your home, will never look the same again thanks to Häfele’s range of decorative shelf lights. The effortless yet uniquely crafted designs speak utmost of the change it can bring to the entire ambience. Several designs and colour options in varied applications modify the course of conventional lighting. Functionally, Häfele’s Range of Decorative Shelf lights consist of the following categories:

  • Glass Edge Shelf light:
    The stylish and sleek glass edge inside shelf light has been designed considering simplicity and usability. Its plug-and-play installation and variety in colour options makes it an easy feature for your kitchen.
  • Mini Edge Shelf Light:
    If you have constraints with your cabinet dimensions, Häfele has the solution .The stylish mini glass shelf light simply transforms the glass shelf and is an ideal solution for handmade cabinets that confront modularity.
  • Bottom Cabinet Shelf Light:
    The stylish bottom cabinet shelf light largely illuminates your kitchen worktop to assist you with your chopping, cooking and other cleaning requirements. When not used functionally, it adds the desired style to enrich every colour and design of your worktop surface. 
  • Box Shelf Light
    Make sure you highlight certain features in your kitchen with our Box shelf lights. A stylish aluminium frame with a frosted glass top and bottom to allow the shine through with integrated on/off  switch. This is ideal for high end kitchens that need something different.Click Here