Conforming to how the Sri Lankan Industry works where typical sanitary retailers also sell sink units and faucets for kitchens, Hafele has clubbed all products for Kitchen Sink units and Bathroom fittings under its Sanitary Solutions Range.


Through this range, we introduce some reigning technologies in global markets in the form of designer kitchen sinks & faucets, washbasins & faucets for Bathrooms and a magnitude of shower solutions. Apart from housing our own core range, we have also strategically partnered with Global Leaders in Kitchen and Bathroom technologies and selected such innovations from their range that combine contemporary designs with world-class functionality and strictly conform to the practicing quality standards worldwide. While we maintain the trademark standardization in quality that Hafele is known for, we still manage to individualize our solutions to best meet your specific home sanitary needs.

Our foray into the sanitary vertical, though young, still proves to be a logical step towards the fact that Hafele has now formed a consolidated presence in the Indian Markets as your ‘one-stop partner for all home interior solutions’.

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