Built-in Dishwashers

To complete your kitchen needs with an element of spic-n-span hygiene, we introduce our range of built-in dishwashers under the Nagold series – you can now live a hassle-free, recreational kitchen experience leaving our machines to sort out the back-work for you!

Nagold’s energy efficient built-in dishwashers come as a respite to your cleaning chores in the kitchen; they look sleek and fit smartly into your kitchen cabinetry and work with a silent efficiency - you could almost be oblivious to their operation! Extremely hygienic and diligent, these dishwashers sweep your dishes clean off any food residue or bacteria there by reducing the risk of illness. With an advanced mechanism and improved technology, Nagold’s dishwashers are trained to remove even the most rigid masala stains often left behind by aggressive Sri Lankan cooking. They are sensitive to different vessel materials and minimize the risk of breakages in a given cleaning cycle; and the child-lock feature makes these appliances child-proof when left unattended. These appliances come with a dual zone feature which allows you to place sensitive crockery in the upper shelf even while operating on a half-load capacity – a functionality which most dishwashers in the market do not provide!


You can now add the advantage of style and convenience to your kitchens with the Nagold series of built-in dishwashers! 

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