Architectural Wooden Sliding Doors

Architectural Sliding

Architectural sliding doors function as discreet room dividers by facilitating effortless transitions. The installation of a wooden sliding door augments a touch of classiness to your interiors. Häfele’s range of wooden sliding solutions not only adds emphasis to your interiors but also serves as a lavish gateway to the world outside. They offer unconditional access and optimal functionality coupled with distinctive designs and the latest technologies. Häfele's range offers you the application options of straight, Synchro and slide-fold sliding solutions. It caters to varying weight capacities ranging from 50 kgs for internal doors and room dividers to 500 kgs for external heavy-duty doors. 

Häfele’s Range of Wooden Sliding Solutions also includes Retractable Pleated Insect Screen which helps you retain your view and the fresh air while you keep the bugs out. The Insect screen is simple to operate and can be stacked neatly away when not in use.It is suitable for application in windows, folding doors, sliding and patio doors. The insect screen is available in 66 standard kit options with 13 standard height ranges and 6 standard width ranges to choose from. The screen is designed and assembled in Australia with a 5 year warranty and is tested to over 150000 cycles. 

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