Refrigeration and Cooling

 We bring to you the best in refrigeration and cooling technologies from the heart of Germany

We understand that your vegetables, fruit, fish, seafood or meats all require different optimum temperatures and conditions to keep them in peak fresh condition for the longest possible time. Therefore our range of refrigerators from LIEBHERR (the world leader in refrigeration and cooling solutions) provides different temperature zones with different levels of humidity – all in the same unit. This all is achieved with the most sophisticated electronics and sensor technology available today. Even in case of a power cut our LIEBHERR refrigerators and freezers can hold their optimum temperature up to 48 hours eliminating any potential loss of expensive food items. Whatever your favourite food is, we will ensure that it is kept fresh at all times and does not lose any of its nutritional values.LIEBHERR has also pioneered the technology to create innovative refrigeration storage for under counter cabinets. These units provide extra storage for your vegetables, fruits, desserts, juices and other handy essentials in the space available under your kitchen counter-top. You can now plan your kitchen storage needs in such a way that your base unit cabinets can conveniently be segregated to accommodate cooking vessels as well as delicate cold storage.

We provide the finest technologies to nurture and maintain your expensive collections…be it the choicest wines or worthiest cigars…!       

Whether it is white wines, red wines or champagne, a LIEBHERR wine cellar keeps them exactly at the perfect temperature. LIEBHERR’s wine cellars feature up to 3 different temperature zones to achieve this. Humidity levels are controlled to avoid drying out of the corks and vibration is reduced to almost indiscernible levels in order to not disturb even the most sensitive wines. Apart from knowledgeable wine connoisseurs, LIEBHERR wine cellars are also the choice of restaurants and bars all over the world which want to ensure that they serve wine to their customers in perfect condition.

We have not stopped at food and wine. Our LIEBHERR Humidor also keeps the most demanding cigar aficionados happy by keeping their cigars at exactly the optimum temperature and humidity levels. Expensive cigars require careful storage so that they do not dry out or become soggy to ensure that you get the best experience from them – the LIEBHERR humidor ensures this in complete perfection.

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