Iconic by Hafele

The kitchen is the most interactive room in the house. Research states that on an average an Sri Lankan home maker spends 5-6 hours a day in the kitchen. Peripheral activities like cooking, washing and drying laundry add up to another hour or so. We at Häfele put on our thinking caps to understand how to make these mundane hours spent, the most effective and effortless hours of the day for you.

Being a German company our foremost concern has always been to offer our customers premium quality products paired with solution based services. Now, Häfele is taking this concept to the next level with the introduction of the Häfele ICONIC brand. Häfele ICONIC simply signifies the “Best of the Best” from each product category. Only the most exclusive and advanced products from Häfele’s product range have been included here so that our discerning customers are ensured that they find product excellence which leads on a global level.

Through the Häfele ICONIC brand, we introduce to you our range of super-premium luxury appliances to add a touch of grandeur and magnificence to your kitchen. These appliances have been carefully included in our range to bring you the leadership and authority in reigning technologies from around the world. They are designed to bring confidence and style to your life at home.

Cook with ease and perfection with our ICONIC range of built-in hobs from Italy and Sweden that are designed to bring you maximum flexibility together with functionality. You can divulge in the pleasure of experimental cooking with our specialized cooking solutions like deep fryers, grills or teppanyakis. Derive the unmatched benefits of holistic cooking with our smart and efficient cooking range units that integrate perfectly into the cabinetry of your cooking zone.

It’s time to get used to a kitchen that always remains free from the odours of pungent cooking residues and grime. With our ICONIC range of exquisite cooker hoods from Italy, you can now experience perfect air ventilation within your kitchen.

For cold storage of every type, our ICONIC range of cooling and refrigeration solutions from Germany cannot be matched. Be it for the convenience you derive out of using energy-saving refrigerators and freezers or specialized storage cellars for wine and cigars, we have it all. We have mapped every need you may possibly have from your cold storage units and transformed them into cutting-edge technologies through this range.

To cater to your cleaning and washing needs, our ICONIC  range of stylish, space saving dishwashers, washing machines and dryers from Sweden come with innovative cleaning and drying technologies for even the largest loads while running virtually noise free. 

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