Hinges and Flap Fittings


 Häfele’s range of Furniture fittings offers you the flexibility of creating overhead cabinets with hinged doors that open sideways or flaps that open upwards – the objective is to provide utmost convenience and ease-of-use within the individual requirements of the customer.

 Our range of furniture hinges for cabinet fronts offers a magnitude of possibilities with varying opening angles that cater to every possible application. This range also includes special hinges that can be used for aluminium profiled doors or glass doors giving you the flexibility to design your cabinets with your individual style.For applications that require added convenience and true ergonomics, our range of soft-closing damper hinges provide for an ideal solution.

 For overhead applications that require innovative flaps that move away from your line of work, Häfele offers you an efficient range of flap-stay fittings where the flap opens out and then stays at any position you want it to – making way for an ergonomically enhanced experience.

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