Training Initiative

External Training Program

carpenters and contractors training.

Certification Programmes for Contractors and Carpenters

Starting 2014, we have introduced a new initiative for our industry associates by way of a dedicated certification programme. Through this initiative, we interact with industry contractors and carpenters by organizing regional Meets. During these Meets we give an overview of all the product categories to the participants with a special focus on kitchen and furniture products. After gaining a basic interest in our products, we then encourage participants to nominate themselves for an in-depth certification programme.

customer training

Customer Training

 Another very important initiative undertaken by the training team is an on-going knowledge exchange session with our clients – renowned architects and interior designers from across Sri Lanka. These sessions keep our clients abreast with all our latest product innovations. On the other hand, these sessions prove to be very insightful for the company as we receive valuable feedback about our products from the industry experts as well as information about latest trends in architectural designs and requirements.

Educative program

Educative Programmes

This initiative caters to the architectural and designer student community who are thirsty for information about all kinds of hardware and fittings. Our Training team invites students from colleges across the country and orients them with our product range and also takes them through important industry related concepts.

Internal Training Program

Induction Programme


Any employee joining the company has to undergo a rigorous Induction session where (s)he is introduced to the company culture, values, procedures and basics about every product category. This is followed by departmental training, where every new employee interacts with the heads of all departments to understand how the organization functions at a Macro level. 

In Depth Product Training

In-depth Sales Training

After the basic Induction training, new sales employees are put under a rigorous month long training encapsulating every product category intensively. Each week of the month-long training is dedicated to one product category, where participants are encouraged to learn the basic concepts of that category followed by a rigorous hands-on installation and technical training session to cover all aspects of learning. This is followed by an introduction of how each product vertical operates as an independent business unit within the company where vital information about the market and competition is discussed with the participants.

New Product Trainings

New Product Trainings

Apart from the Induction and in-depth Sales training, regular trainings are held for the sales and operations teams on the new products introduced by the company. These trainings are generally between 3-6 days long depending on the number of products that have to be introduced to the participants.

franchise training

Franchise and Dealer Trainings:

 Apart from internal trainings for our sales force, the training department also conducts external product trainings for the Häfele channel partners. This is done to ensure that unaltered, uniform product communication travels across our distribution channel right up to our end users and all our customers are perfectly aligned to the product knowledge base that exists with our employees.