Training Centre

Training forms the basis of growth; and effective training requires the right environment to achieve the best possible results. Häfele Sri Lanka has given crucial importance to training over the last few years with a dedicated Training Division in place to take care of all internal as well as external training requirements. The core objective of this division is to provide ‘focused’ training on different product groups in a state-of-the-art environment that facilitates theoretical, technical as well as practical learning. These training-conducive environments are created within methodically designed Training Centers that are equipped with all the necessary tools and hardware.

Typically, our Training centers have 3 areas: 

Hafele Coaching Area

The Coaching Area

Where learning is facilitated through training presentations, discussions, video-screenings and query-solving sessions. This area is designed like a classroom, equipped with aids like a projector, a screen, a sound system, a white-board etc. The mood for ‘learning’ is enhanced through attractive and customized Häfele-Learning wall-papers that shout-out essential formulae, clues and learning mantras – so much so, that a participant attending training is completely consumed in the world of ‘Häfele Learning’. 

Workshop Area

The Work-Shop Area

 Where learning is demonstrated through practical installations and technical explanations for every product. This area is equipped with model mock-ups of most of the Häfele fittings so that the participants can actually experience the product functionality that we often speak of. Moreover, this is the area where all training participants are expected to roll-up their sleeves, pick up some tools and actually get down to installing and assembling hardware fittings. The work-shop area is a playground for all Häfele employees to practically test their product knowledge.

Trainers Room

The Trainer’s Room

Where our regional trainer and his assistant carpenter who are managing that center are stationed. This area is stimulated by famous quotes on learning that prove to be a constant motivation to our team and persistently remind them of how seriously the culture of learning is followed by our company.

Our Training centers share the premise of our Regional Design Centers and offices.

Sri Lanka Training Center

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