Door Controllers

Door Closers by Hafele


 Door Control Devices are mechanical devices that allow a door to close automatically once it is opened. Door control devices play a significant role in case of fire; they control the rate of closing while providing complete safety and durability at minimized risk of vandalism.


Häfele takes into consideration the importance of door closers and brings to you both surface mounted as well as concealed door closers. Our range of surface & concealed door closers are fire tested and come in Silver and Aluminium finishes. Apart from concealed and surface-mounted door closers, Häfele also offers a range of jamb concealed door closers which enhances aesthetics and reduces the opportunity for vandalism. Completing its range of door control devices, Häfele also brings to you Floor springs that can be used for both wooden as well as glass doors. This range includes thin and compact concealed floor springs that fit discreetly into the floor offering better resistance to interference and vandalism. 

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